How far apart are your scalar units? What length link cable are you using? What kind of results are you seeing?

It depends on what you’re doing.

I have 4 different link wires. The Spooky2 Scalar supplied shorty, the 18 footers, a 50 footer and a 100-foot long wire.

For treatment, I use the shorty, up close & personal. I just tried adding reagents to blood last weekend and the wife says she got the same sensations as she does when getting the IVs she goes in for twice a week.

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  1. Does the long link cable have to be staight, because it is too long for my bedroom, can I fold it a little?

  2. My wife and I have been sleeping in the field for 2 months now and our results are 0…nothing, zip. My wife says I’ve bought a turkey…but I say there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that it works, so I’m keeping on with it. Maybe we’re tough nuts to crack, lol

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