It was said that the grey hair went when using Spooky2 then came back after a break from using it. Does this also apply to illness. Does it come back if you stop using the machine after it is ‘fixed’?

1. Entrainment issues such as my varicose veins need a maintenance schedule. It took 7 days of plasma @ 2 hrs. A day to get under control. I do 6-8 hrs a week with plasma or scalar with frequencies to maintain.

2. Whether an illness comes back isn’t going to depend on your use of scalar (or other modalities) as much as it will depend on your diet, lifestyle, toxicity, and whether you fully eradicated what was causing the issue/illness to begin with, especially if it’s emotionally or spiritually based. Many (if not most) diseases, like cancer, have roots in our emotions so you could use scalar, PEMF, rife, etc. multiple hours a day every day for weeks or months, see a reduction or elimination of symptoms, and then have it all come back if you are still harboring a lot of anger, resentment, depression, or anxiety. A lot of people yo-yo by starting modalities and then stop when they start to feel better but before the root cause has been eradicated. And a lot of people are not willing to look at their choices, lifestyle, and environment to take responsibility for the things that affect them.

3. It depends on what is meant by ‘fixed’. One can get rid of Cancer, but the Cancer can still be lurking in our energy field (‘outer bodies’). That is why orthodox medicine is so often wrong when they tell people they are ‘free’ from Cancer. I suspect that Scalar works more holistically and works on the body and energy field, and therefore illness is less likely to come back.

4. I have treated varicose veins successfully with plasma and now with scalar. If I don’t treat them for at least 8 hrs a week. They come back. I use GX with rife frequencies through the scalar overnight. It’s a small investment. I had them surgically removed 26 years ago and they came back worse than ever.

5. There is no substitute for removing emotional baggage. If you were able to deal with that during recovery, you are set. If not, it’s still waiting for you and your body will let you know.

6. I had treated several diseases and cancers with spooky2, till now they are closed cases. By the way, it had past about 5 months.

7. I think with cancer you have to make sure you treat the cause or it may come back. Viruses like hpv and such.

8. With cancer, you’ve got to get rid of the stress from emotional, chemicals, heavy metals, EMFs, etc that is causing stress on the body. You may have nutrient deficiencies causing struggles on the organs. The adrenals can handle a given amount of stress per day without becoming exhausted. High insulin in the body produces stress and causes the blood to become thick and sticky. The other part of the equation is to stop feeding the pathogens with poor sugars found in all grains, secondary is dead sugars from pasteurized or dried fruits. And foreign estrogen found in all soy & corn products. An amino acid found in MSG & artificial sweeteners is bad.

If you have the Spooky2 Scalar, I find it helps with lowering blood sugar and relaxing the adrenals. This same approach to fighting cancer seems to work on all chronic illness. As for the illness coming back, yes, I learned from some Rife equipment that we are always damaging DNA and always repairing DNA and you want to repair more DNA than you damage.

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  1. Nice article. Thanks. I think with 5G coming I will have to use Spooky2 to heal DNA and detox EMF.

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